2016 New Mexico cyclocross race series schedule

Dec 17       Hayes Apple Farm Cross      Bosque Farms, NM                            Director  Hawke Morgan
 Oct 2         Roosevelt Cross                          Tijeras, NM                                            Director Hawke Morgan                                            
 Oct 9         Western Town Cyclocross             Glorieta Camps NM                  Core Crew and Spokettes
 Oct 22       Sunnyslope Cx            S ABQ                                                        Director Tom Jones   Nero Veloce
 Oct 29       Nite Cross       Veterans Memorial Park ABQ                             Director Jeff Huser
​​Nov 6        Cities of Gold Cross                  El Dorado High School  ABQ                     Director David Jordan​
Nov 13        Fiesta Cross            Balloon Fiesta Park             ABQ                         Director Jerry Shere
 Nov 19         Las Cruces                                                                                      Director David Rutledge
Nov 20       El Paso       (Bonus  series points!)                                                 Director  Mike Rosson
   ​Click on dates below for info on races
 Dec 3  Rocky Mountain Regional Cyclocross Championships          Longmont CO
Dec 18  Series Finale (Bonus Points) and NM/El Paso Reg. Championship   Bosque School Abq
Director Crockett Howard
AZ and CO events
results from up to 2  races in the Durango Series, AZ series and Boulder Cup  (in a comparable cat) can count towards NM series points!
Oct 15-16 US Open of Cross                         Boulder Co
AZ Cross Series                                            Various Locations
Four Corners Cyclocross Series   Durango and surrounding area

Results Archive

2015 CX  Results
Holy Guacamole Cross Dec.6 El Paso TX
Glorietta Camps CX , Oct31Nov.1
Cruces Cross Dec 5. ,Las Cruces
CX on the Mesa #2 Oct. 24,Rio Rancho
Capulin Cross, Nov. 8 Sandia Park, NM
Desert Academy CX, Oct. 11, Santa Fe
Caja Del Rio Ripper, Nov.15, Santa Fe
Cx on the Mesa #1, Oct.4, Rio Rancho
Cross at the Bear Cave, Oct.25, Abq
Sunnyslope CX, Sept.20 Abq
Useful links
USACycling Rulebook
Cyclocross Magazine


NM cyclocross race series results 2016-2017


Sept 17 Womens CX Clinic
Oct. 14  Haunted Psychlo-cross
Oct. 22 Lake CX Glorietta
Oct. 28 CX at GloriettaCamps
Nov. 5 Bad Santa CX
Nov.12 Fiesta CX
Nov. 18 Nite Cx
Nov. 19 Sunnsyslope
Dec. 3 Sunnsyslope
Dec. 9 Roosevelt
Dec 16 Aztec
(Regional Championship)
Dec 17 Aztec
(Combined 4CCX and NMCX series)
Dec. 30   Hays CX
11/4 – Dolores
11/11 – Pagosa
11/18 – FLC
12/2 – Cortez
12/9 – FLC
12/16 – Aztec – NM State Champs (USA Cycling License needed)
12/17 – Aztec – 4CCX Finals
Bad Santa CX
Bad Santa CX
Fiesta CX Flyer
Fiesta CX Register
Nite CX Flyer
Nite Cx Register
Glorietta Camps CX
Glorietta Camps Register
Lake CX Flyer
Haunted Psyclocx

Directors Page

Race Directors
Posted here will be information useful for directors of series races.
 You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. AlteSuggested Race Entry Fees​​
Adults: $30 online reg and $40 same day reg
Juniors and Collegiate:   $15 online reg and $25 same day reg.
If your venue expenses are high, each Director has the discretion of increasing entry fees for their event.
                                Supplies and Equipment
We will maintain basic supplies to put on a CX race which will be housed at the Trek store If you need supplies, please contact me 2 weeks prior to your event.
                              Event staffing and USAC Officials
To help mange your costs, suggest having at least 3 trained volunteers for registration, assist with scoring, compiling results and pit monitor and  2 USAC officials. Suggest getting a team member certified as one of the officials.  I will assist you in cordinating with USAC to assure you have the appropriate number of officials for your event.  Contact me 4 weeks prior to your event to allow adequate time to request USAC officials.
                                           Start Lists
For race day  you must have start lists (downloaded from your online registration site) for each race and then  add same day reg. and give to the Chief Referee at your event to use to capture results. Helpful to have at least 2 copies of start lists at event.  You can download start lists of your prereg riders from USAC website race directors Tools page.  Tools>Event Permits>Event>Manage Event Registration> download start list. Suggest you create a custom start list with paired down info using the blue Reports tab at the top.  See Start Lists Download button to left for an example.  For race day podiums you will need to at least compile results for top 3 finishers in each category. Cat 4 and Cat 5 women and Cat 4 and Cat 5 men should be scored separately .These same forms are useful to also submit results as well.
                                      Results Submisstion
Results need to be submitted within 3 days after your event to Jeff Huser at    or to this site ideally in the compliant format (see Result Submission Download) which will help with timely result reporting.
                                       Series Sponsors
Please mention sponsors and or display logos on your flyer.
rnatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Selecting ‘Edit Text’ from this menu will also allow you to edit the text within this text box. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer
Start list example
Race Supplies
Sponsor Logo
Result submission
Sponsor Logo
Sponsor Logo
ABQ noise Permit
Sponsor Logo
Revised start times for 2017
Race 1- Men 4/5  – 30 min
Race 2- Master Women 40+,50+,60+,  W cat 4/5, W SS,  Juniors (M/F) – 30 min
Open course and awards for Races 1,2   – 30min
Race 3- Men’s Open   – 60 min
Race 4- Master Men 40+, 50+, 60+, M SS, Women 1,2,3   – 40min  *
Awards ceremony races 4 and 5
* Podiums and Series Points for Master men groups for cat 3,4,5 only

2015 Results

2015 CX  Results
Holy Guacamole Cross Dec.6 El Paso TX
Glorietta Camps CX , Oct31Nov.1
Cruces Cross Dec 5. ,Las Cruces
CX on the Mesa #2 Oct. 24,Rio Rancho
Capulin Cross, Nov. 8 Sandia Park, NM
Desert Academy CX, Oct. 11, Santa Fe
Caja Del Rio Ripper, Nov.15, Santa Fe
Cx on the Mesa #1, Oct.4, Rio Rancho
Cross at the Bear Cave, Oct.25, Abq
Sunnyslope CX, Sept.20 Abq

NM cyclocross race series results 2016-2017

​Western Town CX Glorieta
Roosevelt CX
For overall series results, your best 8 races will be used. New this year! You may include up to 2 AZ series or CO Durango series race points (from a comparable cat) towards your NM series results.
Nite Cross
​Cities of Gold Cross
Fiesta Cross
Cruces Cross
Final series standings Best of 8 races
​Holy Guacamole CX
​Bad Santa Cross
​Hays Apple Farm Cross

2017 Results

2017 NM Cyclocross Series points
if you note duplicate name entries in the series results please click their “send us an e-mail” option and  then at the bottom of the e-mail page, click on the form and follow the directions carefullly  to  merge duplicates.
Series results click here

NM cyclocross contact us

Jeff Huser CX series Director
Tel: 505-228-9150

NM cyclocross series information 2016-2017

Welcome to Cyclocross!
This site is primarily devoted to the New Mexico Cyclocross (CX) Series and related events. Race schedules, results and other info will keep you in the know about cyclocross in NM.  The CX series is comprised of number of individual events held in the fall and winter throughout NM and El Paso area. Racers may participate in as many or few of the events they want.  Points are awarded for racer’s placings in their category/age group in the individual events and the total points  for  up to 8 races at the end of the series will determine the overall results for the series. Racers must compete in a minimum of 6 races to qualify for series podiums.
Points for series races
1st place – 12 pts       6th – 6 pts
2nd – 10 pts                 7th – 5 pts
3rd – 9 pts                    8th – 4 pts
4th – 8 pts                    9th – 3 pts
5th – 6 pts                    10th – 2 pts
1 point awarded to remaining finishers
Points from your top 8 races will count towards the series overall results.  NEW THIS YEAR: You may include results from racing in up to 2 of  the AZ or CO series races (for the same or comparable race category).
Results will be posted on and
Race categories and schedule for series races (refer to race flyer for start times)
Race1- Master men 40+,50+,60+, men SS, women 1,2,3, w Collegiate A – 40 min*
Race2- Master women 40+,50+,60+, cat 4, w SS, w collegiate BC – 40 min
Race 3- Junior men, junior women 9-10,11-12,13-14,15-16  – 30 min
Open course and awards for Races 1,2,3   – 30min
Race 4- Men open, men collegiate A – 60 min
Race 5 – Men cat4,cat5, Juniors 17-18, Collegiate B,C – 30 min
awards ceremony races 4 and 5
* Podiums and Series Points for Age groups are for cat 3/4/5 only.
  Race directors may combine races so long as that is clear on race flyers  
 There are some  USAC racing rules that are unique to cyclocross and suggest you read over them (link below).  If you have a questions regarding a specific reg, please contact us.

One of the most common areas of confusion  relate to the bike pit, so take a look at those rules in particular. Generally each pit will be accessable from two areas on the course (double sided pit). You are  not allowed to cut the course or go backward to get to the pit.  Riding through the pit without changing a bike, wheel or a repair is not permitted and you must exit on the same side of the course that you entered. You are responsible for your spare equip, but generally there will be some mechanical assistance available to get you rolling again.

​You will note that we have a Single Speed category.  These are bikes with a single front chainring and single rear sproket or some mechanism to prevent shifting.  Making thoughtful gear selection based on the course is important to be as efficient as possible. Your pit bike or spare wheel might have a different gear ratio and that is allowed per our  USAC national rules guru.

 Rules, Rules, Rules, oh my!
   It is  foremost about rider safety!


Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of bike can I use?
Cyclocross specific bikes or mountain bikes may be used for NM events. National or UCI events have specific bike requirements depending on your category. Due to their limitations on tire width, most road specific bikes are generally not utilized. Newer road bikes with disk brakes may be able to accommodate wider tires needed for cross.
Do I need a racing license?
The CX Series races are sanctioned by USA Cycling and require racers to have an annual or 1 day license. 1 day licenses can be purchased with online registration or at the events. If you are planning on doing multiple events then consider an annual. See the website for details.
Some non-series and training races may not require a license.
What about tires?
Tire selection is often the hot topic at most cx events. In general a tire with a minimum width of 32mm is advised. Tread pattern can vary depending on the conditions and riders experience. If you are planning on competing in national or UCI events there may be limitations on tire size depending on your race category.
More about tires?
As you may know, riding in NM, one likely encounters goatheads and cx courses may have plenty of them. Some type of sealant in your tubes is a must and a tubeless tire set-up with sealant is an option. Another option favored by experienced crossers are sew-ups / tubulars. Consult one of our sponsor bike shops for more information or talk with other riders.
What skills do I need?
As courses may feature twisty sections on a variety of terrains, developing good bike handling skills and the ability to dismount, run, jump and remount will be useful. A skills clinic is typically available before the start of the season for riders of all levels.
What is a pit?
Cx races typically have a pit located along the course where riders may enter to deal with mechanical issues, change a wheel or even change bikes (if they have a spare bike or a good friend with one). Consult the USACycling website for rules as well.
What do I do on race day?
Have a checklist for gear, nothing like showing up at a race without a helmet or bike shoes. Bring your license (paper or e-license) or purchase a 1-day. Bring your series bib number if you have one. Ideally, show up an hour before the start of your event to check-in or register, pre-ride the course, warm–up and recheck your equipment. Check with officials as to the start time of your race. Get to the start line 5 min. before.
What are the rules for cyclocross racing?
You must be familiar with the USA Cycling rules for racing at USACycling sanctioned events, including the cx series. An online rule-book is available on the website.
What is my racing age for cross?
For USAC races, your racing age is defined as your age as of Dec 31 of the year when the national cross championship is held, which is generally the following January. So for 2016 races your racing age is how old you will be on Dec. 31 2017. Confusing? You bet!
How do I register for series races?
Each race in the series will separately post online registration and other info about that specific race. See the Series schedule page for links to the individual races and registration. You may also do same day registration, however there may be an additional charge.
Can I register for the entire series races at one time?
As each race in the series is managed slightly differently, at present there is not a mechanism to register for the entire series at one time.
What if my posted race results are not correct?
Race directors and officials make every effort to post accurate and timely results, but errors may happen. It is always best to confirm your results immediately after they are announced at the event. If you later see an error, please first contact the individual race director. If you cannot reach them, then contact us at NMcyclocross. See contact page for info.
What if I have a question about series standings?
If you have any issues or questions that relate to the series as a whole, please contact us at NMcyclocross. See the contact page for information.
What if I forgot and left equipment at the race?
We all have left behind clothing, bottles, tools, pumps, wheels etc… at events. Please contact the individual race director first about lost items or contact us at NMcyclocross.
Can I race in more than one category?
Depending on your individual category/age group you might be eligible to race in multiple races per day. For example a cat- 3, 45 year old could race in the age group race and also the Open-123 race. There may be a nominal fee to race in a second race/day. You can accumulate points in multiple categories if you choose. Points however do not cross over from category to category.
Should I use the same bib number for all series races?
Ideally yes save your bib number and use for all series races. If you lost it or left it at home, you can get a new one at the race registration. There may be a fee for replacement numbers. Please do not use numbers from non-series races or races from prior years as this may lead to inaccurate results.