Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of bike can I use?
Cyclocross specific bikes or mountain bikes may be used for NM events. National or UCI events have specific bike requirements depending on your category. Due to their limitations on tire width, most road specific bikes are generally not utilized. Newer road bikes with disk brakes may be able to accommodate wider tires needed for cross.
Do I need a racing license?
The CX Series races are sanctioned by USA Cycling and require racers to have an annual or 1 day license. 1 day licenses can be purchased with online registration or at the events. If you are planning on doing multiple events then consider an annual. See the website for details.
Some non-series and training races may not require a license.
What about tires?
Tire selection is often the hot topic at most cx events. In general a tire with a minimum width of 32mm is advised. Tread pattern can vary depending on the conditions and riders experience. If you are planning on competing in national or UCI events there may be limitations on tire size depending on your race category.
More about tires?
As you may know, riding in NM, one likely encounters goatheads and cx courses may have plenty of them. Some type of sealant in your tubes is a must and a tubeless tire set-up with sealant is an option. Another option favored by experienced crossers are sew-ups / tubulars. Consult one of our sponsor bike shops for more information or talk with other riders.
What skills do I need?
As courses may feature twisty sections on a variety of terrains, developing good bike handling skills and the ability to dismount, run, jump and remount will be useful. A skills clinic is typically available before the start of the season for riders of all levels.
What is a pit?
Cx races typically have a pit located along the course where riders may enter to deal with mechanical issues, change a wheel or even change bikes (if they have a spare bike or a good friend with one). Consult the USACycling website for rules as well.
What do I do on race day?
Have a checklist for gear, nothing like showing up at a race without a helmet or bike shoes. Bring your license (paper or e-license) or purchase a 1-day. Bring your series bib number if you have one. Ideally, show up an hour before the start of your event to check-in or register, pre-ride the course, warm–up and recheck your equipment. Check with officials as to the start time of your race. Get to the start line 5 min. before.
What are the rules for cyclocross racing?
You must be familiar with the USA Cycling rules for racing at USACycling sanctioned events, including the cx series. An online rule-book is available on the website.
What is my racing age for cross?
For USAC races, your racing age is defined as your age as of Dec 31 of the year when the national cross championship is held, which is generally the following January. So for 2016 races your racing age is how old you will be on Dec. 31 2017. Confusing? You bet!
How do I register for series races?
Each race in the series will separately post online registration and other info about that specific race. See the Series schedule page for links to the individual races and registration. You may also do same day registration, however there may be an additional charge.
Can I register for the entire series races at one time?
As each race in the series is managed slightly differently, at present there is not a mechanism to register for the entire series at one time.
What if my posted race results are not correct?
Race directors and officials make every effort to post accurate and timely results, but errors may happen. It is always best to confirm your results immediately after they are announced at the event. If you later see an error, please first contact the individual race director. If you cannot reach them, then contact us at NMcyclocross. See contact page for info.
What if I have a question about series standings?
If you have any issues or questions that relate to the series as a whole, please contact us at NMcyclocross. See the contact page for information.
What if I forgot and left equipment at the race?
We all have left behind clothing, bottles, tools, pumps, wheels etc… at events. Please contact the individual race director first about lost items or contact us at NMcyclocross.
Can I race in more than one category?
Depending on your individual category/age group you might be eligible to race in multiple races per day. For example a cat- 3, 45 year old could race in the age group race and also the Open-123 race. There may be a nominal fee to race in a second race/day. You can accumulate points in multiple categories if you choose. Points however do not cross over from category to category.
Should I use the same bib number for all series races?
Ideally yes save your bib number and use for all series races. If you lost it or left it at home, you can get a new one at the race registration. There may be a fee for replacement numbers. Please do not use numbers from non-series races or races from prior years as this may lead to inaccurate results.