NM cyclocross series information 2016-2017

Welcome to Cyclocross!
This site is primarily devoted to the New Mexico Cyclocross (CX) Series and related events. Race schedules, results and other info will keep you in the know about cyclocross in NM.  The CX series is comprised of number of individual events held in the fall and winter throughout NM and El Paso area. Racers may participate in as many or few of the events they want.  Points are awarded for racer’s placings in their category/age group in the individual events and the total points  for  up to 8 races at the end of the series will determine the overall results for the series. Racers must compete in a minimum of 6 races to qualify for series podiums.
Points for series races
1st place – 12 pts       6th – 6 pts
2nd – 10 pts                 7th – 5 pts
3rd – 9 pts                    8th – 4 pts
4th – 8 pts                    9th – 3 pts
5th – 6 pts                    10th – 2 pts
1 point awarded to remaining finishers
Points from your top 8 races will count towards the series overall results.  NEW THIS YEAR: You may include results from racing in up to 2 of  the AZ or CO series races (for the same or comparable race category).
Results will be posted on and
Race categories and schedule for series races (refer to race flyer for start times)
Race1- Master men 40+,50+,60+, men SS, women 1,2,3, w Collegiate A – 40 min*
Race2- Master women 40+,50+,60+, cat 4, w SS, w collegiate BC – 40 min
Race 3- Junior men, junior women 9-10,11-12,13-14,15-16  – 30 min
Open course and awards for Races 1,2,3   – 30min
Race 4- Men open, men collegiate A – 60 min
Race 5 – Men cat4,cat5, Juniors 17-18, Collegiate B,C – 30 min
awards ceremony races 4 and 5
* Podiums and Series Points for Age groups are for cat 3/4/5 only.
  Race directors may combine races so long as that is clear on race flyers  
 There are some  USAC racing rules that are unique to cyclocross and suggest you read over them (link below).  If you have a questions regarding a specific reg, please contact us.

One of the most common areas of confusion  relate to the bike pit, so take a look at those rules in particular. Generally each pit will be accessable from two areas on the course (double sided pit). You are  not allowed to cut the course or go backward to get to the pit.  Riding through the pit without changing a bike, wheel or a repair is not permitted and you must exit on the same side of the course that you entered. You are responsible for your spare equip, but generally there will be some mechanical assistance available to get you rolling again.

​You will note that we have a Single Speed category.  These are bikes with a single front chainring and single rear sproket or some mechanism to prevent shifting.  Making thoughtful gear selection based on the course is important to be as efficient as possible. Your pit bike or spare wheel might have a different gear ratio and that is allowed per our  USAC national rules guru.

 Rules, Rules, Rules, oh my!
   It is  foremost about rider safety!